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Are you a law firm?

Yes. USTrafficTickets.com is a nationwide law firm based in Springfield, Missouri, serving the needs of clients nationwide in relation to traffic matters. Since its inception, USTrafficTickets.com has served thousands of clients from all over the United States, helping them resolve traffic tickets in jurisdictions where we currently offer services

I noticed that your office is in Springfield, Missouri. How do you handle tickets far away from your office?

We, as a firm, have attorneys licensed in all jurisdictions where we offer services. We also have strategic relationships with other attorneys across those states, and we use them to your advantage. If your ticket was issued by any jurisdiction within our service area, we will be able to work on that ticket, whether urban or rural, city or county. In some cases, USTrafficTickets.com may subcontract your ticket or certain parts of your case to a local attorney at no extra cost to you, and in that event, your attorney may split your fee with that local attorney.

Where do you currently offer services?

Currently, we offer services in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Illinois. Top

Why spend the time and money to create another lawyer website?

Because we know how much of a hassle it is to find an attorney, make an appointment, drive to their office and meet with them, just to take care of a simple traffic ticket. We know you have other things to do, and we believe the Internet was designed to make your life easier. So, we have designed this site to create a place where, from the comfort of your own computer, you can find an attorney, submit your ticket information, pay your bill, and let the lawyers take care of the rest.

What will happen if I just pay the fine marked on my ticket and move on?

You will end up making a very unnecessary mistake. Right after you write that check to the court, two very important things will happen: (1) the court will put that ticket on your state driving record, and (2) your insurance company will see it on your driving record. If you live in a state that tracks points on your driving record, you will probably receive points on your record, which might eventually lead to a suspension or revocation of your license if you already have points or add more points down the road. In addition, your insurance company will have a new excuse to raise your rates -- they will take any excuse they can get! And, if you drive for a living or have a CDL license, a ticket on your driving record could affect your job.

What will happen if I hire an attorney to take care of my ticket for me?

Most attorneys will sit down with the prosecuting attorney and convince him or her to not give you the penalty required by law. Instead, the prosecutor might agree to a reduced sentence, such as a "good behavior" probationary period, or a reduced charge that won't be reported on your driving record. Some prosecutors will charge you more money in fines, but, in exchange, will amend the charge to a non-reportable offense. Sometimes, prosecutors might require you take a driving course or perform some other activity, but will amend the ticket so it doesn't show up on your record. Or sometimes, prosecutors might not agree to a reduced charge, but they will set up an arrangement with your attorney so that points aren't added to your driving record. Prosecutors and attorneys have all kinds of options to work through, and your attorney's job is to know the prosecutors, work with them, and negotiate the best plea deal that a particular prosecutor is willing to offer.

Why should I even hire an attorney to get a plea offer? Can't I negotiate a deal with a prosecutor myself?

Yes, you have the option of taking time out of your day, showing up at your court date with the other hundred people waiting to make a court appearance, sitting in line to talk to a prosecutor, asking him or her personally for a deal, and receiving a plea offer from the prosecutor. For the general public, that process can take hours! And chances are that when the prosecutor makes you a plea offer, you won't even understand the offer unless it is explained to you, and even then, you may not know if it is a good deal or not. Attorneys who regularly work on traffic cases know the system and know the prosecutors, and they know a good deal when they see one. Attorneys do all the work for you, and in many cases, can arrange things so you never have to take time out to go to court even once! Who really wants to take time to do something that an attorney can do quicker and easier for a minimal fee?

Why should I hire you instead of some other attorney? Attorneys are a dime a dozen!

Three reasons: (1) our service is convenient, (2) our rates are affordable, and (3) we spend lots of time talking to prosecutors. Most lawyers will make you come to their office to talk, sign paperwork or drop off your ticket. Who really has the time to do that? Some attorneys will charge you exorbitant rates for what we can do much cheaper. And some attorneys have no idea what they are doing or who to talk to when they walk into traffic court. We work to make things as easy as possible for you, we do a great job, and we won't overcharge you for it.

As I read through your website, it keeps saying that a court could issue a warrant for my arrest. I haven't heard anything about this before. Does hiring an attorney make it more likely that a warrant will be issued?

No. Courts only issue warrants when you don't do what they told you to do in the time they gave you to do it. If you don't show up when the court tells you to show up, the court will issue a warrant. If you don't go to a class when, as part of a plea offer, you agreed to go to a class, the court will issue a warrant. If you don't pay money that the court ordered you to pay, the court will issue you a warrant. The threat of warrants is a "friendly reminder" that traffic court is serious stuff. If you hire an attorney but you fail to do what the court tells you to do, the court will come after you, not the attorney. Warrants are punishment for not obeying the court, so everything will be fine if you just obey what the court orders.

I want to try this case. I was done wrong, and I want to prove myself right to the judge. Will you take this case to trial for me?

Generally speaking, the answer to that question is "No," but there may be exceptions. Our representation agreement with you states that we agree to get you the best plea offer the prosecutor is willing to offer, and you authorize us to accept that plea offer on your behalf. Thus, our expectation is that we are being hired to only negotiate a plea offer. If you desire to take a traffic ticket to trial, you should make note of that in the online form you submit. We might be willing to work with you under those circumstances, but we need to know that information in advance before we agree to accept your case.

Help! I received a DWI. Can you take care of DWIs?

Yes. You can submit your ticket through the website, and an attorney who works on DWIs will contact you. As DWIs can be very fact-specific, the we may want to meet with you at least once to discuss the facts of your case. Also, in the case of a DWI, you will probably be required to make at least one court appearance in the course of your representation.

What about "driving while revoked" tickets and other serious, non-speeding tickets? Can you work on those?

Yes. we would love to work on your tickets -- this is what we enjoy doing and do well. Submit the information through the website to begin the process..

Is this site secure? Is my information safe?

Yes. All information that you submit through this site is held in the highest confidence by our staff and attorneys, and information you submit through our site will only be used internally by USTrafficTickets.com, LLC, and by any attorney you hire through our site within the bounds of the attorney-client relationship. Also, if you choose to pay by credit card, your attorney will ensure that your credit information is secure, too. We use online email invoices that let you submit your credit card information through a secure form online to pay your attorney fees. Please note, though, that email communication itself is not secure unless encrypted, so any unencrypted emails with your attorney would not be considered a secure form of communication.