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This form includes everything we need to know in order to process your ticket, represent you before the courts, and request a plea offer on your behalf. The form has 3 different parts:

• Your ticket information -- you, the ticket(s) you received & your driving record
• Legal agreements -- the terms of legal representation provided to our clients; and
• Verification & submission -- verify all information and submit it to our attorneys.

Filling out this form does not obligate you to hire us; instead, it simply gives us the information necessary to evaluate your case and present you a quote for fees.

You will immediately receive an email that confirms your submission. If you don't receive a confirmation email, we did not receive your submission, and you should submit your information again.

Within 24 hours of your submission, we will contact you by updating your case file. If we agree to work on your case,we will include a quote for the attorney fee for services based on the information you have provided. If we, for whatever reason, later discover that the charges against you are more complex than originally presented, we reserve the right to adjust the fee. We also reserve the right to refuse representation, but this rarely happens.

Pay the quoted legal fee to hire us to begin work on your ticket. You will be able to submit your payment online through a secure online form. No legal services will be performed on your behalf until the agreed fee is paid in full, and we are not your attorneys until payment of the fees has been made.

We will take care of the paperwork and the court appearances necessary to resolve your ticket. In most cases, you will not need to appear in court. You will not need to appear in court unless you are specifically directed by us to appear on a certain date. Note: the court date may change when we tell the court that we represent you, so don't worry if processing your ticket takes longer than you expected. We will receive a plea offer from the prosecuting attorney and, if acceptable according to the goals and priorities of your representation, we will accept the plea offer on your behalf. We will then contact you to explain to you what has happened and what to do next.

You will owe the court some money to recover the costs of running the court system, called "court costs." The costs are set by statute or local ordinance and are charged on every ticket. You may also owe some fees or fines, depending on the plea offer entered into. If the prosecutor agrees to amend your ticket to a non-moving or no-point charge, the fines will often be higher than those listed on your ticket due to the amendment. Payment of fines and court costs will be time-sensitive -- the court will set a deadline for payment, and if you fail to pay, the judge can revoke your plea agreement and issue a warrant for your arrest! You will in most instances be able to pay these amounts through our online payment systems.  Please note that we charge a 5% handling fee on all fines and costs paid through our firm.

The plea agreement entered into will depend primarily on the circumstances of the case and your past driving record. Many people will receive only a "good behavior" probation from the court -- if they receive no more tickets in a set period of time, the ticket will not be counted against their record. Others may be required to go to driving school (which may charge you a tuition fee), or in particularly complex cases, may be required to perform community service. Alcohol offenders may have even more serious consequences. We will tell you what you are required to do, and it is very important that you complete your end of the plea agreement. Driving programs and community service are time-sensitive as well -- if you don't complete them by the court's deadline, the judge could revoke your plea agreement and issue a warrant for your arrest! Once you complete your end of the deal, you're done!

What if I have other questions?
You have three options if you have questions, and we encourage you to use them in the following order:
Wait until you hear from us. Most of your questions will be answered once you have submitted your ticket and we have responded.
Email questions to the following address: Attorneys@MissouriTrafficTickets.com
Call us at (417) 832-0111 or toll-free at (877) 832-0111.